The Date Doctor Talks Players

If you’re looking for love, then listen up– Jaimy Blazynski, the Date Doctor is here!

Players are guys who play games with women, and they’ve fooled many women because some of them have a lot of skills and are very good actors… But ladies, your willingness to recognize the signs will play a huge role in how long they can play you for.

Many times, players will start to pull away and make stupid excuses because they’re too scared to be honest and tell you they’re not interested.  You don’t want to push and accommodate their excuses, because once you pull back they’re going to snap out of it, or they were never going to come around.  The more you push someone on the fence, the more they’re going to fall off that fence.

Losing interest in someone romantically is a thing– there are guys who have emotional issues and don’t want to connect, and others who realize they’re not attracted to someone, but the bottom line is, once it’s over, it’s done.  The big mistake with women is, they need answers, but a lot of times the guy doesn’t know what happened.  The girl deep down inside knows what went wrong better than the guys she’s asking.

Here’s some signs you could be dealing with a player:

1.  Corny Match Profiles

If you see a Match profile loaded with corny, generic romantic crap, he’s probably just playing games and using a cheesy formula to get started.

2.  Too Fast, Too Soon

If you’ve been dating a guy for like a week and is buying jewelry and booking vacations– and he hasn’t even suffered through a month of PMS with you– he probably doesn’t know how he really feels about you.

The biggest thing to recognize is, when you start to see these signs that the guy is not available or acting appropriately, you have to walk away.  if you drag out the relationship, you drag out the agony and it gets so much worse.

For more advice on your love, life and relationships– or for a free tip on your dating profile– check out the Date Doctor’s website at

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