Carolyn Phillips: Springing In To Your Fitness Program

Fit-inista Carolyn Phillips– our on air personal trainer– is back with more tips to get you in shape and what you need to do to stay that way!

A lot of trends today are “HIIT” (or High Intensity Interval Training), which can be very high risk and lead to high injury rates.  So if you’re springing into one of these types of fitness programs, Carolyn has some tips to assess the potential dangers.

1.  Warm Up & Cool Down

These are both very important, and the key to a good warm up is NOT just stretching– it’s called dynamics.  You do this to get the blood flowing, to get your oxygen moving and to prepare your hormones to burn fat efficiently.  Also, be sure to do warm ups that are more exercise-specific… so if you’re working on your lower body, your warm up should focus on squats or similar exercises to warm up the areas you’ll be working.

The cool down is where you should stretch.  It can help lengthen the short, tight, weak muscles to improve your range of motion and improve your risk of injury long term.

2.  Identifying “Newbie Pain”

When you start a new fitness program, you will get sore, but it’s important to differentiate between “normal pain” and “bad pain,” which you should see your doctor about.  Normal pain can last up to 48 hours after exercising, and it will be general, overall pain.  That might be okay, but if it gets centralized to one area, especially the joint areas or it starts to inhibit your mobility… it could be something you want to see your doc about, and you should never work through it before you seek medical attention.

You CAN work out if you’re in a little bit of “normal” pain, but if the pain doesn’t subside quickly when you start your workout, be sure to take it easy.  Caroyln prefers to take a day off rather than work through it.

For more from Carolyn Phillips, check out, or for all things stretching, life, love and happiness, go to Carolyn’s blog at

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