Sam Hatch’s DVD Picks For The Week: Gravity, Thor the Dark World & More

It’s the movie freak and the movie geek– Find out what to buy, what to rent and what to AVOID AT ALL COSTS as Damon talks to local movie reviewer extraordinaire, Sam Hatch from Culture Dogs about this week’s new DVD and Blu Ray releases!

There’s some very cool releases this week, including some big time award nominees, a new comic book movie and lots more.  Get all the details for the week in home video.


The multiple award-winner was a great theater going experience, with a roller coaster aspect of seeing it on a big IMAX 3D screen.  But as a story of a grieving woman going through some deep personal problems while trapped out in space, the movie will still be gripping no matter the size of the screen.  The Blu Ray and DVD releases also include a cool short film from the director’s brother, which ties in to the movie.


Another awards favorite, this movie is from the guy who made About Schmidt and Sideways, and stars Bruce Dern as an old man who thinks he won a sweepstakes prize.  And Will Forte (yes, MacGruber!) stars as his son.  It’s a little more uplifting than you’d expect, and totally worth checking out before the Oscars this Sunday.

Thor: The Dark World

Thor was surprising with how enjoyable it was, and the sequel is just as good, featuring the return of Natalie Portman to the Marvel universe, and lots of tie-ins to the upcoming Captain America and The Avengers movies.

Mr. Nobody

Jared Leto plays a 118 year old man, who’s the last mortal on Earth.  This is a director’s cut of this underground movie.

The Shadow

This week also sees a re-release of the 1994 action flick starring Alec Baldwin.  The new edition of this guilty pleasure includes new special features and more.

DVD Picks February 25th

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