The Marx Bros at Moskowitz & Lupowitz

Ladies and Gentlemen, The One, The Only… Groucho Marx! Standing behind Groucho to his right, is my uncle Max, and standing behind Groucho to his left is Mr. Greene the Maitre’D.

Groucho was a frequent customer, and knew my grandfather well. When he walked into the dining room, everything stopped. When this picture was taken, in the early 50’s, Groucho was at the height of his popularity being on national television with You Bet Your Life. He was dining at twenty to nine. That’s what the clock on the wall said with the face on it. Back then, people didn’t go out to eat at 5:30. Places didn’t start hopping until later.

One of my Facebook fans said Grouch and I look alike based on the photo above… I don’t see the resemblance, do you?

Photo: Gary Craig

Photo: Gary Craig

And here’s a photo nobody has ever seen before– It’s a candid, which means he wouldn’t look like he would when he’s in character, but here is the great CHICO MARX. He and his brother Groucho hung out in the restaurant quite often.

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