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Carolyn Phillips: Sabotaging Your Kitchen For Weight Loss

Fit-inista Carolyn Phillips– our on air personal trainer– is back with more tips to get you in shape and what you need to do to stay that way!

There’s a lot of ways what’s in your kitchen can sabotage your weight loss goals, and this week Carolyn gives the run down on the biggest culprits… and what you can do to prevent them and reach your goals!

1.  Stocking Up With the Wrong Foods

If it’s in your house, you’re gonna eat it.  A lot of times we use kids and husbands as an excuse for having bad foods in the house, but don’t fall into this trap.  If you or your loved ones want junk food, be sure to eat it out so it doesn’t stay inside your kitchen.

2.  Environmental Motivation

Your kitchen should be decked out with motivational pictures and phrases, to help you mentally become aware of what you do or not not want to look like.  Pictures of yourself or who you want to look like are a great way to keep focused on your weight loss goals.

3.  Size Does Matter (in the Kitchen)

Research shows eating with the right plate will help you consume less food.  Plate sizes have gotten a lot bigger over the years, and if you fill your big plates and bowls to a quarter cup– or whatever the proper portion size should be– you will think visually you haven’t had enough when you have.

4.  Condiments

Load up with spices instead, and get used to natural tastes.  Condiments and dressings are usually really bad for you, so “go naked” with your food instead!

5.  Kitchen Ambiance

Is your kitchen noisy, too warm or your lights too bright?  Those can be problems to affect your weight loss.  Decrease your kitchen by 2 degrees and dim the lights, or put on some relaxing music, and you’ll burn more calories and eat less before you feel full.

For more from Carolyn Phillips, check out FitBehavior.com, or for all things stretching, life, love and happiness, go to Carolyn’s blog at CarolynsMenuofLife.com

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