2014 Dodge Durango Citadel Mom Review

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So he's not sitting in a Durango…but it IS a Dodge at Gengras. My son loves cars and car shopping!

So he’s not sitting in a Durango…but it IS a Dodge at Gengras. My son loves cars and car shopping!

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My 2005 Volvo XC-90 has just about run it’s course. I feared for my LIFE when I drove home during the big ass storm recently. My car is literally held together with duct tape and spit. Ok, not spit…but duct tape, yes. Here’s a nice shot featuring the red duct tape on my driver’s seat. Uh, huh….that’s what KIDS and DOGS do to nice cars. Yikes. IMG_2520

Anyway, I loved my Volvo while it was in primo condition. It was a great car for 9 years. We bought the Volvo at Gengras Volvo, so we headed BACK to Gengras…this time Gengras Chrysler Dodge Jeep to check out a vehicle I’d read a lot about…the 2014 Dodge Durango Citadel AWD V8.

So many reviews I’ve read on the 2014 Durango have said that the only real thing working against the vehicle is the name, “Durango.” People hear it and dismiss it. Well, don’t let this gem pass you by any longer.

Ok, I’m NO car expert, that’s FOR SURE. I’m a wife and working mom but I do know what I want. I want a TANK to get to work because often times I’m on the road before the snow plows have hit the streets. And yet, I want it to be comfy and stylish and not cost an arm and a leg. People have told me that the V8 will be a massive gas guzzler…worse than my Volvo. Well, guess what….it’s the exact same. Annual fuel cost for BOTH is $3250.  And the Dodge actually has BETTER highway mileage.  I look at it this way, I get a more powerful, heavier and larger vehicle and my gas spending won’t go up. Here the side-by-side from fueleconomy.gov.

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 5.26.06 AM

Dodge Durango sure has made a BIG IMPRESSION on our family. My kids love the roominess of the backseat…plus lots of places to plug in devices are an added bonus for them. I love the Mercedes feel of the Dodge ride (Mercedes and Dodge got together a few years back and traded technology. Dodge improved their ride, Mercedes improved their engines, etc.)  Also, Dodge and Fiat hooked up and created a smooth 8 speed transmission. I also love the luxury features like heated steering wheel and voice control recognition. My husband is thrilled that the V8 won’t increase our gas spending from what we were spending on the Volvo. (And I think he kind of likes that HEMI engine, too.) The Durango is stunning on the outside with stand-out features like a newly designed “racetrack” style brake light and the inside is plush and roomy front to back.

All-in-all, Dodge Durango is a hard charging v8 ride that’s actually smooth as silk and luxurious and spacious. It rides like a Mercedes yet you feel like you’re driving a race car when the v8 kicks in.  On the down side, the gas can get expensive if you’re not used to paying SUV prices at the pump and the cargo space is a little tight when the 3rd row seats are up. But when the 3rd row seats are down there’s plenty of storage.  You can always add cargo space up top with a roof rack or tow a u-haul. 

The Durango we drove had all the bells and whistles like heated AND cooled front seats, heated back seats, leather, the technology package, towing package, big 20 inch wheels, remote start, navigation, and sexy ambient lighting. Here’s our family test drive video and we even took the Durango thru some nasty snow.   I think a new Durango is in our future!

UPDATE: I did decide on the  2014 Dodge Durango Citadel from Gengras Dodge. Opted to go with the V6 and didn’t get rear DVD/TV in order to keep the monthly payment in my budget. You can watch an extended video review of my new Citadel by clicking here.  It was a very educational experience and Gengras was a pleasure to deal with.  You can read about the many lessons I learned while car shopping by clicking here. 

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