Winter Driving Idiots Caught On Camera

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That nasty winter storm on February 13 was an OLYMPIC nightmare. My commute to work that Thursday was filled with idiots trying to BEAT the storm. And if you’re the jerk who was riding my bumper that day, tailgating me didn’t get you there any sooner, did it? Either pass me or back OFF. (Deep breaths, Christine….)

But it was my drive home that was the absolute WORST driving conditions I’ve ever experienced. And like a dope, I left at the HEIGHT of the storm. Most people were driving cautiously with a few pick-ups rolling past at higher speeds. (Thinking happy thoughts…)

One dumb ass, however,  in a little compact car FLEW by me in the unplowed lane nearly causing an accident as he passed. Then about a mile up the road I saw him stuck in a snowbank.  (He was fine…just stuck.) “Hey buddy, I have a trailer hitch here on my SUV and I COULD stop to help, but I think I’ll just keep driving SLOW and SAFE. Buh-bye.” (Breathe in slowly….and exhale….sigh….)

Fortunately, I had my handy-dandy dashboard cam rolling so you too can experience the fun and frivolity that comes with driving in a zero-visibility white out storm. Be safe out there. (Dang….I gotta drive home AGAIN in this crap….is there any Chardonnay at home?)

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