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My grandfather owned Moskowitz and Lupowitz on the lower east side of New York.  This restaurant has a rich history of serving the public from the 1920’s thru the 1960’s.  It was especially popular with celebrities from television, stage, and film.

I actually have in my possession the photos of the famous that graced the walls of this great Rumanian steak house.   I remember as a child traveling from Brooklyn where I lived down to my grandfather’s restaurant on a Saturday night.  It was truly exciting.  White linen table cloths graced each table.  People dressed to the nines.  Strolling violins walked from room to room, when the band on the stage took a break.

I sang on stage with the band when I was 5.  All of what I’m describing are reflected in the photos.  And the food!!!  As soon as you sat down, a uniformed waiter brought a bowl of sour pickles, peppers and tomatoes, along with fresh bread.  The food was spectacular, the atmosphere made you dizzy, and whether you were a star or not, you were treated as if you were.

Here’s a great shot of Prize fighter Rocky Graziano, my grandfather Louis Anzelowitz, and Phil Silvers.

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