Cage The Elephant Explain Their Style & Why They Never Do The Same Song Twice

There’s ‘No Rest for the Wicked,’ or for Cage the Elephant— the band is on a buzz-worthy rise right now, and they explained their unique approach to music backstage at the GRAMMYs.

“We’ve always been the type of band that loves pop music and things that are a little more obscure, so we try to ride right down the middle,” explained front man Matthew Shultz.  “We want something that has a little substance to it… but I’ve always been a fan of the Beatles and the Pixies.”

The band has become known for the many eclectic musical styles that converge within their pop rock songs, but Shultz had a more self depricating reason for their wide ranging style.  “I think it’s just like musical ADD for us,” he said.  “For us, we’ll write a record and when we finish that record, that’s done for us– we don’t ever want to do that again.  It’s always about finding something that holds that common fiber… that holds that emotional sentiment, but doesn’t sound the same.”

Cage the Elephant’s latest album is Melophobia, which certainly showcases their diverse influences and considerable talent.  But what does the title mean? “The fear of mellow people, a fear of Donovan,” Shultz joked.  “It means the fear of music, for us it’s more a fear of creating music to project premeditated image of self.  I feel like music is becoming a hollow shell of aesthetic, all about associating yourself to ‘cool.’  Music is a communal thing, it’s the bares bones of what you’re supposed to do.  Our whole thing is to overcome fear-based writing, and become honest and open communicators.”

Check out the entire interview below:

Cage the Elephant

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