Austin Mahone Talks Partying with Pitbull & Nerding It Up on ‘The Millers’

Teen hearthrob Austin Mahone is releasing a new single with Pitbull, and he sits down with Damon and Gina to talk music, acting and everything else he’s got going on!

Austin Mahone is ready to ‘Banga Banga’ out another hit single, as he just teamed up with Pitbull for a tune called “Mmm Yeah.”

“I have a song with Pitbull, it’s pretty fun, it’s upbeat,” Austin said of the new collabo.  “Pitbull is super energetic in the studio, he’s always having a good time.”

Mahone has shot a lyric video for the song, and he and Pitbull will team up for a full-fledged video filmed in Miami after the GRAMMYs are over.  But that won’t be the only time Austin is on camera in the near future.  The rising star was featured in a new commercial for Aquafina’s Flavor Splash which made its debut during the GRAMMYs, and he will also appear in an upcoming episode of the CBS sitcom The Millers.

In the show, Mahone will play a younger version of Adam (Nelson Franklin), and it should show a very different side of the teen heartthrob.  “I play one of the guys on there, he puts in a tape– it’s kind of a flashback,” he explained.  “I’m playing his nerdy, younger self.  I was really nerdy and stuff.”

Austin was rocking a bright yellow shirt backstage at the GRAMMYs, which is coincidentally the same color as the lamborghini Justin Bieber was driving during his headline-making arrest last week.  What does Austin think of the colorful connection between the two young stars?

“The shirt’s Versace,” he said coyly.

Austin Mahone

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