Jen Rizzotti Talks Hartford Hawks Basketball with Damon Scott

Hartford Hawks Basketball coach talked to Damon Scott about the Hawks’ season and lots more.  Check out their full interview here!

Even for someone like Jen Rizzotti, it can be tough to stay fit and balanced.  After all she has her girls– all 15 of them on the Hartford Hawks squad– which can be a challenge.  But she says it’s all part of the job– “We don’t have excuses in Hartford,” she boasts.

The season has been a bit of a struggle, with some injuries and turn over, but Rizzotti feels they are heading in the right direction.  And win or lose, the Hartford Hawks put on a great show.  “You sit right on the floor,” she said.  “If you come to a game, you feel like you have access to the game, you’re right on top of the action… it is a great atmosphere.  I think if you’re a parent trying to bring your kids to do something on the weekend during the winter, it’s definitely a fun place to be.”

“We will be winning a lot in the next couple weeks, so people should come out and see us play,” she added.  “We’re gonna be confident that we get on a roll, we need to… We’ve gotta be ready.”

Check out the full interview below:

Jen Rizzotti

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