Gavin DeGraw On The Best Christmas Gift He Gave & New Music

When Gavin DeGraw caught up with Damon Scott, he recalled the best Christmas gift he ever received as a kid.  But gift giving is a two-way street, and the singer also shared the best gift he ever gave… to his brother Joey.

Gavin DeGraw Interview

“I got my brother a cast iron skillet, because he likes to cook,” DeGraw recalled.  “He likes cast iron, he swears the food tastes better, and also you get more iron eating from a cast iron skillet.”  The common myth is you’re not supposed to wash cast iron skillets, because the flavors get ingrained in the metal.  Gavin is a believer in this practice, and he should know, as co-owner (with Joey) of the National Underground restaurant chain.  “You get all that collected flavor… the ghosts of meals past.”

“My brother’s a great cook, that’s one of the reasons we opened the National Underground,” DeGraw continued.  “My brother loves to cook so much, we figured why not do it?”

Gavin also gave his fans a gift back in October, with the release of his new album Make a Move.  He’s excited for the positive response as he promotes his latest work, and was especially proud to hear his song “Leading Man” tapped for the Heisman Award ads running on TV this year.

“We’re excited about it… I just saw a couple of the guys from the Backstreet Boys, they were like ‘Hey man, was that your song on the Heisman Trophy ad?  That song ‘Leading Man’?’ I said ‘Yeah, I wrote that song for this album!’ That’s pretty cool,” DeGraw said.  “I used to do the Heisman [pose] to my friends– if you want to look cool in pictures, you just do the quick little Heisman Stance.”

Check out the Heisman video below.  Gavin DeGraw’s Make a Move is available now.

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