Ask the The Date Doctor: Jaimy Answers Your Questions!

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Image Courtesy  Jaimy Blazynski/

Image Courtesy Jaimy Blazynski/

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If you’re looking for love, then listen up– Jaimy Blazynski, the Date Doctor is here!

It’s time for another Ask Jaimy day!  The Date Doctor is answering the questions she gets from listeners out there.

Lisa asks…  I had a great date with someone and we seemed to have chemistry.  Then suddenly, he texted me and said we were not a great match.  How could he have such a change of heart?

You might feel like the chemistry is great, you might have had a few drinks, he might think you’re cute… but some times people don’t completely align.  It’s great that someone can act like they’re having a good time, to not make a date awkward or uncomfortable for either party, but sometimes that’s all it is– an act.

Nicole asks… I’m dating a guy and he often has his kids go to his parent’s house on his weekend. I get really turned off by this– am I wrong?

A lot of parents live with this guilt– if my kids are with me, I need to be with them 24/7– I can’t get a babysitter, I feel guilty going out… people stop taking care of themselves.  If you have your kids for a whole weekend and you want to go out for a few hours on a date, it’s healthy and shows your kids you can take care of yourself, and they will appreciate that.  A few hours for a date on your weekend? Go for it.

I’ve been chatting with a guy online who asks me specific questions about my jean size and measurements.

There’s a couple things here– guys, it’s dumb to ask that question, because not only is it offensive, but we all wear our size and weight differently.  If someone says they’re a size 10, that could look completely different on someone who’s 4’11” compared to somebody who is 5’8″.

She met this guy on Tinder, who keeps calling her “Lovey” and “sweetie.”  She’s never met him, but this is starting to annoy her.

Tinder is known to be a hook-up site, but guys, ladies don’t like to be called these kinds of nicknames BEFORE we’ve met you, when we know you’re calling us that because you really mean it.

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