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Recently, Adobe was hacked for 152 million users, so Cellular Chloe is here to share some tips on how to protect yourself online.

If you have an account with Adobe, and someone gets your email password, they can use that information to try and hack into your other accounts online at places like Amazon.  So the big thing to remember is, do NOT use the same password around the internet!

If you used the same password for online websites, shopping, banking, etc, and someone gets your email password for just on account they may be able to hack into the rest of your accounts, as well.

There is a site called Should I Change My Password?  You can enter your email address and it will let you know if you got hacked or not, and also let you cross reference the date you got hacked.  If you have been, don’t panic– the most important thing you can do is go to your various accounts online (email, banking, Amazon, etc) and change your passwords to something new.  Should I Change My Password also offers a 10-step guide on everything you can do to keep yourself protected and secure online.

Use different passwords throughout the internet– you can get auto-generated passwords on your phone, but those could be hard to remember.  So use some kind of code you can remember but someone else might not know– try a word from your favorite song or a first pet’s name.

To help you remember, you can store all your passwords on your tablet or phone, since you are likely to have those devices with you– just be sure to put password protection on any device that stores your other passwords!  Click here for more password tips from Cellular Chloe.


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