Gina’s “J”ust Desserts: Cookie Monster & Elmo Cupcakes

Check out these Cookie Monster and Elmo cupcakes I made for a 2 year old’s birthday party!

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I started with the Elmo cupcakes… I took butter cream frosting and colored it red and then put a thin layer of frosting over the cupcake.  The mouths are made of Oreo cookies but you can use a different chocolate cookie.  I cut them in half… they don’t break in half easily so I had to use a sharp knife to get the right cut by shaving it down.  I then used a small dab of frosting to attach to the cupcake.

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I used a Wilton tip #233 to create the fur look of Elmo on the cupcake.  The eyes?  Mini marshmallows with a dab of black butter cream.  The nose?  An orange jelly bean.

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Next up was Cookie Monster!  I colored butter cream frosting blue and used the same Wilton tip #233 to create the blue fur look.  The eyes are mini marshmallows with a dab of black colored butter cream.  Then I used a mini chocolate chip cookie and put it into the cupcake, like he’s eating it!

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