Things To Think About Before You Chop Your Hair Off

Ok, so all these celebs are cutting their hair off (or perhaps just taking out their extensions): Charlize Theron, Pam Anderson, Jennifer Lawrence, Miley Cyrus, Emma Watson, Michelle Williams and Halle Berry all sport that uber-trendy pixie cut.

Pam revealed on Ellen that she copied the TV star’s short hair to make running the NYC marathon easier. Who wants long hair in your way at mile 25? Charlize went as far to say that cutting off your hair is very freeing and every woman should do it at least once in her life. Even Beyonce took out her weave for a day or two and went pixie, that didn’t last long though as she was seen a few days later with a short bob-style wig. It seems Beyonce realized that super-short-chic is a lot harder to pull off than long, flowing locks.

So here are my tips if you’re thinking of going SHORT-SHORT, because I’ve had short, platinum hair before.

1. Expensive. I LOVED LOVED LOVED my short hair but it IS A LOT OF WORK to maintain. I had to have the platinum touched up every 4 weeks along with getting the cut trimmed back into shape. So there is a big expense that goes along with maintaining a dramatic cut and color.

2. Dramatic. Be prepared to update your make-up and wardrobe and accessories. Your super short hair is hawt, but it’s a DIFFERENT look and you may have to play with the items in your closet to pull off the new look. Also, your make-up may need to be tweaked. I found a need for MORE eye makeup with my short hair and BIGGER earrings to balance the short do, otherwise I looked tomboy-ish.

3. Time. Cutting your hair IS freeing and it gives you this awesome “I can do anything” attitude, BUT when you decide you wanna grow it out, well, that’s gonna take a LONG ASS TIME! So really think about it before you go for it. Some say to cut your hair in stages: go from long to a bob, to a pixie over the course of several months.

4. NOT as easy as people think. My short hair was a lot of work. I had to always style it. People think short hair is as easy as ‘wake up and go’ but it’s NOT!! Long hair is EASY, put it in a pony tail and you’re done. Short hair cannot be put up. You HAVE to style it every day.

5. Baseball caps look silly. My favorite thing was to pull a pony tail thru the back of a ball cap. With short hair, my ballcaps looked akward.  Good thing they make fake ponytails!  LOL

So if you’re OK with all the work that goes into maintaining a short do and you’re STILL ready for a SASSY, EDGY, SEXY, CHIC change, then by all means GO FOR IT and don’t LOOK BACK!

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