The Date Doctor: Sports and Dating

If you’re looking for love, then listen up– Jaimy Blazynski, the Date Doctor is here!

It’s the season for sports, so Jaimy wanted to chat about balancing sports and dating.  If you’re in a relationship and both like sports, it can be a great thing to watch a game and yell at the TV and have fun.  But if you don’t like sports, there’s no reason to fake it.

If you’re not into the game, and you’re trying to have a conversation while he’s watching, it can get really annoying– you’re better off doing your own thing.  He’d rather you go out shopping, or have lunch with your girlfriends or something else, giving him space to watch the game.

A lot of women also like to make game-day snacks, but don’t overdo it.  Women often try to nurture and clean, but if you do that too much you can become a doormat, so be sure to limit it.

For couples that have been dating for a long time, game time is never time to talk– they don’t want to talk at that time.  Likewise, it’s not a time for chores, so leave the vacuuming for later and do something else while he’s having some down time with his game.

Another annoying behavior is borrowing the TV remote.  If you ask to watch Desperate Housewives during the commercial breaks of the game, you’re begging for an argument.  So just use the DVR or watch on demand later.

If you do go out and do your own thing, don’t jump at them as soon as you get home, especially if the game is still on… Wait until later when the game is over and your conversation can be more authentic and intimate.

Some people are die-hard sports fanatics, but that is something you will learn early on in a relationship.  If he’s a sports freak, you need to either accept that as part of him and find a way to fill your own time, or admit that you can’t deal with it and move on.

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