Cellular Chloe Talks Mobile Devices On Airplanes

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(Photo credit: OLAF KRAAK/AFP/Getty Images)

(Photo credit: OLAF KRAAK/AFP/Getty Images)

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Gadgets, apps and plenty of other shiny things you probably don’t need– Cellular Chloe is here to share the latest and greatest wireless wonders!

Airlines have recently opened up some new opportunities for using mobile devices on board airplanes, and Cellular Chloe is here to share the latest updates.

On October 31st, the Federal Aviation Administration announced passengers can use mobile devices on all phases of the plane ride, including takeoff and landing.  Now, there are still some things you can’t do, such as calling, and some airlines do not offer internet access below 10,000 feet.

It’s also important to note that heavier devices, like laptops, will still need to be stowed during takeoff and landing as they always have been.

Also, during 1% of flights that have low visibility, the radio frequencies from portable electronic devices might still conflict, and in those cases you’d have to power down.

There are different wavelengths and frequencies used for different devices– even if you’re doing something like reading an eBook that’s already been downloaded, it still emits a minor radio signal.

Jet Blue and Delta are already offering this all-access mobile device usage on board their planes, while other airlines will be waiting to roll this out until later in the year, after they complete some compliance to show the devices won’t conflict with their planes.  Better safe than sorry, especially while you’re flying.

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