Disney Princesses, With Normal-Sized Eyes

We all know Disney Princesses aren’t the most realistic looking characters out there… after all, they’re cartoons!  But for the many stylized flourishes that make these animated beauties childhood icons, one feature in particular is way more disproportionate than you might think– their big eyes!

Yes, cartoons tend to gravitate toward big eyes in general, from classic toon characters like Mickey Mouse or Bugs Bunny (whose eyes take up literally half their heads), to Japanese animation, known for their tendency to exaggerate their characters’ peepers.  But while we may first think of big hair, thin waists and ample-but-not-too-ample body shapes when it comes to Disney’s Princesses, it turns out they’re all well within the category of big-eyed cartoons, as well.

Since eyes are the windows to the soul, it makes sense that animators would want those “windows” to be as big as possible, to help bring their cartoon creations to life.

Buzzfeed, looking to spotlight this subtle ocular imbalance, posted a collection of animated GIFs which show what the most beloved Disney Princesses would look like, if they were given normal human-proportioned eyes.  It’s cool (and yes, a little creepy) and it really brings to light how stylized Disney’s designs actually are, even their “human” characters like the Princesses.

Check out what Disney Princesses including Ariel, Jasmine, Belle, Cinderella and more would look like without those great, big eyes they have– Click Here!


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