Gina’s “J”ust Desserts: Pumpkin Cake Pops

Pumpkin cake pops

Before today you saw my Mummy Cookie Pops, but now I’m sharing another great Halloween themed cake pop.  Check out my pumpkin cake pops!

Adults loved these probably because it was pumpkin cake inside.  I made cake balls and I dipped them in melted orange chocolate.  I then used a piping bag and used green colored frosting to make stalks.

Cake balls are easy to make… bake a cake and then when its cooled you crumb the cake by using a fork or your hands.  Then use frosting and blend together.

The trick though is you can’t use too much frosting or your cake balls will fall off the stick when dipping into chocolate.  I also put the cake balls into freezer for a little bit…but careful with this too because the contrast of the cold and hot chocolate can crack the chocolate.

Trust me, I almost threw a few across the room when I started making them for the first time LOL!

Check out more fun Halloween baked goods in my Gina’s “J”ust Desserts archives!!!

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