Meatloaf Makes Or Breaks Marriage?

Yes, life is crazy busy when you’re a family with kids in sports and you’re trying to balance work, home, physical fitness, and time to yourself. So it’s totally normal to have a meltdown here and there.

But when my husband melts down, it centers around wanting a HOME COOKED MEAL.

Yes, he threw THAT at me. In the heat of the moment he told me it would be nice to have a meatloaf with gravy once a quarter.


What the hell is that? He’s speaking to me like I’m a business associate????? If I had a meatloaf, I would have shoved it up his a**!!

So I ask you…. Is your house clean? Is the laundry done? Do you cook? Have you ordered take-out more than you’d like to admit?

Yes my house is uh… presentable…. as long as you don’t go upstairs. Laundry? Um…. well, I DID throw a load in last night. Cook? Ok, I HATE to cook. I’ll bake at holiday time and sometimes I’ll get in a gourmet mood, but usually I’m a pasta, soup and salad cook.  So shoot me!

I could spend a little more time planning meals and insisting on a family sit-down now that little league baseball season is over. I’ll tell you one thing that’s off my menu for good though. Yep, you guessed it: meatloaf. Better yet, he can always take me out to dinner ONCE A QUARTER and he can order it himself.

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