Cellular Chloe Tricks & Treats Us To Some Halloween Apps

Gadgets, apps and plenty of other shiny things you probably don’t need– Cellular Chloe is here to share the latest and greatest wireless wonders!

Halloween is almost here, so to get in the mood for some spookiness, Cellular Chloe is here to share some cool Halloween apps.  Get all the latest right here…

1.  Ultra Voice Changer

This app has lots of filters to make you voice sound weird, freaky and spooky!  All you do is record your message and the app will manipulate it any way you’d like.

2.  Free Scary Halloween Ringtones

Yes, you can buy spooky Halloween ringtones off your carrier’s website, but there’s tons of great, free ringtones out there too.

3.  Zombie Booth

Of course we all want to undead ourselves, but this app will not only take a picture of you all zombie-fied… you can even make a short video of your undead alter ego that will move and take a bite at the screen!

4.  Monster Detector

Just put your thumb on the screen and this scanner will use your thumbprint to determine what kind of monster you are… Chloe is a werewolf, but Damon is just a lame siren! LOL!

5.  Ghost in the Photo Print

Take a picture you have on Facebook or your phone, and you can add ghosts of different kinds in the background– it’s creepy and cool and totally appropriate for this Halloween season.

Halloween Apps

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