The Date Doctor On Bickering vs. Battling

If you’re looking for love, then listen up– Jaimy Blazynski, the Date Doctor is here!

Bickering is a very healthy part of a relationship, but battles are something every couple should avoid.  Jaimy has some tips this week on how to avoid the things that tend to change bickering into battling, and she’s ready to share them!

1. Money

It’s true that opposites attract, but if you have different spending habits, it’s really difficult to not argue in a relationship.  Many times, especially for women, they can go through “shop therapy,” which can almost become an addiction.  If that sounds like your relationship, i9nstead of yelling at your significant other (which will likely just lead to a lie), try suggesting something else that might distract her from going shopping.

2.  Sex

Jaimy hears it all– women will say their husbands don’t look at them anymore, and then they also say that’s all their husbands want.  For the latter, the Date Doctor says ladies should be grateful that their husbands still desire them.  When he doesn’t even notice you, that can be very lonely.  Sex is something you and your partner share that nobody else is part of, it keeps you connected, and it’s a valuable thing that keeps a relationship strong.

3. Parenting

Often women will seemingly over-coddle a child, and men try to over-compensate by acting extra tough, which turns into a vicious cycle.  The solution is to be honest and own the behavior.  This ends the cycle and allows you both to back off a little, making it less a battle and more a compromise.

4.  Chores

In new relationships, women often try so hard to be nurturing that, as the years go on, they still take on these roles and try to change the rules without telling anyone.  If you’re going to do that, just be honest and say something– He likely will take on some of the chores, and if he does, then reward it.  Everyone loves praise for the things they do.

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