5 Things Successful People Do Before 8 A.M.

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Sam Edwards

Sam Edwards

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Remember the old US Army slogan “We do more before 9 A.M. than most people do all day”?  Well, according to Forbes, the most successful people ARE indeed morning people, and they complete a bunch of tasks BEFORE their work day even starts. So here they are, the big 5 things to add to your early-morning to-do list:

1. Exercise. People who exercise the most consistently usually do it in the morning. It gives you an energy boost and you start your day with a sense of accomplishment.  Don’t wanna brave the 5 A.M. elements for a 3 mile run? Set your alarm 15 minutes early and just bang out a set of push-ups or even some stretching.

2. Eat breakfast. Well, duh. Gives you fuel for the day. Lifts your spirits. Keeps you from eating crap at work.

3. Map out your day. Take a few minutes to reflect on your goals. Then prioritize them in a list. No time for this? Do it while exercising (See #1)

4. Visualize yourself being awesome. In fact, do this one ALL day!

5. Do the hard stuff first. If you have one task that you’re dreading (exercising, see #1 again) get it over with ASAP and stop procrastinating. Schedule your day so it starts with the hard stuff and ends easy….not the other way around.

Bonus # 6.  If all else fails, hit the snooze and go back to bed.

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