Carolyn Phillips Targets Common Aches & Pains (And How To Fix Them)

Fit-inista Carolyn Phillips– our on air personal trainer– is back with more tips to get you in shape and what you need to do to stay that way!

No matter what fitness level you’re at, everyone deals with aches and pains.  This week, Carolyn takes a look at some of the most common ones many people face, and how to remedy them.  From top to bottom, here we go:

1. Neck & Shoulders

A lot of people hold constant tension and pain in their neck and shoulders.  It usually involves muscle imbalance and compression– it’s very common for people who sit at a desk in front of a computer all day, they have a tendency to take that stress in the neck and shoulders.  It’s a result of the “9 to 5 posture,” and you can eventually lose you ability to retract your shoulder blades.

HOW TO FIX IT:  Be sure to change your posture at your desk throughout the day.  You can even hire an occupational therapist, or Google the proper way to position your computer, keyboard and the height of your chair.  All of these simple changes can help your posture and help you ergonomically, and be sure you never sit all day.

2. Back

Sitting all day will cause muscle imbalance and weakness– specifically, when you’re sitting, your lower lumbar starts to curve under, putting your back in a very vulnerable positon.

HOW TO FIX IT:  Every 20 minutes, be sure to stand up and stretch, and also make sure you’re stretching your muscles in the opposite position.  Avoid rounding your lower back when you sit.  Also, exercise such as yoga, pilates and other core strengthening routines can help prevent aches and pains.

3.  Hips & Knees

Most women who are active and exercise regularly have a much bigger risk of injury their knee area and ACL joint, because a woman’s pelvis puts pressure on the knees, unlike a man.

HOW TO FIX IT:  Be sure you’re doing lunges and squats when you exercise.  Women have a weak butt muscle, and this will help strengthen those muscles and keep your hips and knees strong and stable.

For more from Carolyn Phillips, check out, or for all things stretching, life, love and happiness, go to Carolyn’s blog at

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