The Date Doctor: How To Advise Your Teens On Dating

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Image Courtesy  Jaimy Blazynski/

Image Courtesy Jaimy Blazynski/

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If you’re looking for love, then listen up– Jaimy Blazynski, the Date Doctor is here!

Jaimy’s son just turned 14, so she decided to offer some tips for that often dreaded situation– what do you do when your kids start dating?  The Date Doctor breaks it down, and lets us know it doesn’t have to be as terrifying a situation as we might believe.

1.  Don’t tell your teen not to date

A lot of parents do this, and Jaimy isn’t a big fan of the strategy.  It’s a natural thing to want to find somebody and have a connection with them.  And for 14 year olds, it’s not really going out… it’s just a label they give, and they hang out at school and chat on social media.  If you tell them NOT to date, your kid is more likely to actually go out, in an attempt to rebel.

2.  Don’t pester them about their crush

Never let the first question you ask your kid at the end of the day be about their crush.  You don’t want to put all this emphasis and pressure on an early relationship that will, in all reality, probably end soon.  If they bring it up, feel free to talk with them, but leave it to your kid to bring it up first.

3.  Be aware that dating has changed.

Jaimy’s son always says she has no idea what it’s like to date in the modern age, and he’s right– things like social media have changed the game, and if your child says you don’t know what it’s like dating in this new era, tell them they’re right, and ask them to enlighten you.  That way, they are going to open up to you and start to trust you.

4.  Don’t take on your kids’ heartache

Breakups are hard, but you should not “catastrophize” the situation.  It’s really not awful– these are the things people need to experience to prepare for real life.

5.  Model for your kid

Ask yourself, is your relationship the kind of relationship you would like your teen to have?  Your relationship will be a model for your kid that they see every day.  Even with all the music and TV shows and other things that influence our kids on how to date, nothing influences them as much as you.

For more advice on your love, life and relationships– or for a free tip on your dating profile– check out the Date Doctor’s website at

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