Project Closet: Debbie Wright’s Tips For Womens Shoes That Fit

Fashionista, Style Consultant and Author, Debbie Wright is back with more style tips for your closet, and your business!  Check out her tips, then get ready to reinvent YOUR wardrobe!

42% of women admit that they’ll buy an appealing shoe, even if it doesn’t fit.  It’s obvious ladies love our shoes, but this week Debbie has tips on how to buy shoes that FIT.

1.  Measure your foot at the end of the day

Your foot can expand by as much as 8% over the size it is in the morning.  This is due to walking and other activity that can cause swelling, so you’ll get your best size at the close of the day.

2. Know the size and width of your foot right now

75% of women had not had their foot measured in five years– a lot can change in that amount of time, so if you’re going shoe shopping, get an updated measurement so you can know what to look for, size wise.

3.  Know the type of foot you have

It’s not that hard, there’s really only three types– a high arch, a flat foot or somewhere in between.  You can find out what type you have by going to a foot doctor, or at home.  When you get out of the shower, make a wet footprint on the floor.  If you see the sign of an arch on the outline of your foot, you’ve got a natural arch.  If you don’t, then your feet are flat.  If you have a high arch, look for a cushion under the ball of your foot.  Someone with an arch will do better with a heel than a flat, someone with a normal foot can wear any type of shoe, and with a flat foot, you want to get something that gives a little bit of an arch.

4.  Take a good look at your old shoes

Look at the shoes you have, and take note of the areas that are especially worn.  If you tend to wear the heel or side or toe, you will be able to look for new shoes that have more support in those areas.

For more tips for your closet or your business, check out Debbie Wright’s website at

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