Project Closet: Debbie Wright Wants To Get You Into The Best Skin Of Your Life

Fashionista, Style Consultant and Author, Debbie Wright is back with more style tips for your closet, and your business!  Check out her tips, then get ready to reinvent YOUR wardrobe!

Debbie has a few tips to get women into the best sin of their life.  Check out what she has to share…

1. Sunscreen

This is the number one product to defy aging, all year round.  It’s also worth noting, some makeup now has SPF as well, which is a great double-whammy, but remember the makeup might not be enough without sunscreen.

2. Antioxidant Cream

In the morning, be sure to use an antioxidant cream. This will help fight the free radicals in things you will encounter in the environment.  This can be in your moisturizer, and there’s plenty of things you can eat which can also boost your antioxidant levels, like rich dark berries.

3. Water

As we’ve all heard, drinking 8 glasses of water helps to hydrate the skin.  But the experts say, while water is good for your skin, you need to be mindful of the timing of your water consumption– don’t drink all 8 glasses just between noon and 5.  If you drink in too short a window, it makes you have to go to the bathroom and you’ll end up losing minerals.  Drink 2 glasses when you first wake up, then another 4-5 glasses throughout the day.

4. Stem Cells

This will be the hot trend over the next 15 years– Doctors are saying less invasive procedures involving stem cells as wrinkle fighters are going to be BIG in the coming years, as a great alternative to more invasive surgeries and procedures.

For more tips for your closet or your business, check out Debbie Wright’s website at

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