Fore! Cellular Chloe Shares Some Great Golf Apps

She’s a wizard when it comes to wireless– Cellular Chloe is here to share the latest and greatest wireless wonders!

To celebrate the Wireless Zone Charity Golf Tournament this week (more info HERE), Cellular Chloe is sharing some really cool Golf apps for your phone, which can help get you started or refine your game.  Check it out, then get ready to hit the links!

1. Golf GPS & Scorecard

This free app is really cool because it can keep you organized, and provide satellite views of the course you’re playing.  It’s not live, but it adds to the experience.  It’s made by Swing By Swing, and you can take photos and upload them to to create a virtual showcase of the course.

2. GolfNow

This app will provide tee times and costs at courses near you, which makes it great for planning your next day at the course.

3. iPing Putter App & Cradle

This app includes a cradle that goes on your phone, which runs a diagnostic on your golf swing.  The cradle sits on your putter with the phone inside, and then you swing to get a measurement of your performance.

Like we said earlier, Chloe is sharing these cool apps in preparation for the Wireless Zone Foundation For Giving Charity Golf Tournament, which supports many lesser-know local charities.  This is the fifth year of the tournament, and it takes place on Wednesday September 11th at Lyman Orchards.  You can get all the details about this great event on Cellular Chloe’s website– CLICK HERE!

Cellular Chloe

Have a question for Chloe?  To ask your burning wireless questions or for more information, visit!

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