Biggest Letdowns After Becoming An Adult

Next time your kids act like they’re trying to grow up too fast, show them the results of this recent survey which asked, “what are the biggest letdowns after becoming an adult?” 

1.  You have to pay for EVERYTHING… even the stuff you didn’t know about, like insurance.  (And NOT just ONE type of insurance but there’s life, homeowners, car, flood, apartment, motorcycle, boating, laptop insurance and even insurance for your insurance.)

2.  You miss having an entire summer vacation. (Add having kids to not having a summer vacation and you have a recipe for therapy.)

3.  Just because you have a salary doesn’t mean you have a ton of money to spare.  You can’t just throw a thousand dollars around without thinking about it.  (Translation: most adults are in debt up to their eyeballs.)

4.  You don’t stop having pimples. (Ok, this one just isn’t FAIR. I mean, no more fun teeny-bopper freedom but we STILL get the acne? Sucks.)

5.  You don’t automatically become wise, mature, or rational. (Nope, look at the average idiot on YouTube.)

6.  Having your own house isn’t as cool as it sounds.  The buying process is horrible, things are constantly breaking, and the whole thing costs a fortune. (Siding needs power-washing due to mold, hardwood floors need to be resurfaced, appliances are on the fritz, dog crap has ruined the lawn.)

7.  Even though you can buy and eat anything you want, you feel sick and get chubby if you eat a whole box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch every day. (Running USED to be fun as a kid. Now it’s a chore.)

8.  You realize how much your parents did for you, what an INGRATE you were… and no matter what you do now, you can’t fully make up for it. (Well, that’s not EXACTLY true.  We parents are a forgiving bunch and we love our kids no matter how old and annoyed we get.)

9. The biggest let down of all? STAR WARS WASN’T REAL. OMG OMG OMG! (Good thing there’s Halloween… Princess Leia LIVES!)

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