Kids Back At School, Moms Go Shopping!

Forget yoga, forget the spa… it’s shopping that moms wanna do once the kids go back to school.

According to a new survey, the average mom spends $135 on back-to-school shopping for HERSELF! And I say, HELL YEAH!!!

My boys went back to school on Wednesday and what did I do that very day? GO SHOPPING!!! After a summer of baseball games, baseball practice, movies, activities, family vacations and boy-stuff it was a pleasure to go try on clothes with out having to tell my kids to STOP FIGHTING! I actually got to take my time looking at stuff.

I even got to go put stuff back that I tried on and get something else, normally UNHEARD OF when I’m shopping with frick and frack!

Hey, don’t get me wrong, summer is awesome and we had a blast together. And as I was shopping I was even starting to feel a little bad about enjoying my freedom so much. Of course, that lasted about half a minute, then I checked out with all my goodies.

When I went to the bus stop I saw my girlfriend who looked so HAPPY and RELAXED. I asked her what she’d done with her free time and she revealed she had… GONE SHOPPING!!! Well, I guess there’s a lot of truth to that survey after all!

You know what? Absence makes the heart grow fonder. And while I was shopping I missed my boys, couldn’t wait to see their beaming little faces as the ran off the bus! So I say, bring on the mall, it’s good for your mental health!!!!!!!!

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