Cellular Chloe Is Here To Save Your Text Messages

She’s a wizard when it comes to wireless– Cellular Chloe is here to share the latest and greatest wireless wonders!

Many people are curious if it’s possible to save text messages in other places than your phone, and the answer is YES!  Chloe offers her advice on how to save, email, back up and print your text messages.  Here’s her advice…

1. Screen Shots

This one is easy– if you just want to save a contact or some relevant information, all you need to do is take a screen shot with your phone.  On an iOS device, just hold the Power button and the Home button at the same time.  On most Androids, hold the Power button and Down Volume button.  And on Samsung, just hold the Power and Home keys.

2. Printing

You can print your screen shots, or text messages or files, using an app called Cloud Print.  This connects you to a wireless printer– if you have a Bluetooth or Wifi-Direct printer, you can connect your phone to the printer and print off whatever is on your screen.

3.  Emailing Texts

There’s another app– which costs $4.90, but it’s really cool– Email My Texts, which lets you filter through a text message thread and you can email it to yourself or to someone else.

4.  Backup and Restore

Backup and Restore is great if you want to back up and reload your files onto a new phone.

Cellular Chloe

Have a question for Chloe?  To ask your burning wireless questions or for more information, visit CellularChloe.com!

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