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Project Closet: Debbie Wright Introduces Hi Tech Hot Pants!!!

Fashionista, Style Consultant and Author, Debbie Wright is back with more style tips for your closet, and your business!  Check out her tips, then get ready to reinvent YOUR wardrobe!

Remember hot pants? Those short shorts of yesteryear were the basis for a very cool new style of workout gear by a company called Zaggora, and Debbie makes her case why these hi tech hot pants are awesome.

Zaggora’s hot pants are workout bottoms– available as shorts or capris– made from a special multi-layer fabric technology that harnesses the natural heat of your body and makes you burn more calories as you work out.   You can drop up to two dress sizes in just two weeks by wearing these pants during your workout.

From what Debbie has read about these pants, the technology helps increases sweat during exercise… and if you’re sweating already, why not go for a little more?  The company is based in the UK and they have now gone worldwide, including popularity here in the US– Denise Richards was recently wearing them in People Magazine.

Go to Zaggora.com to learn more about these hi tech calorie burning pants…

But Debbie has more tips for workout fashion– sneaker companies like Nike, Adidas and Reebok are now offering you to design custom made sneakers.  They have all the latest technology for whatever type of workout shoe you need– running, crossfit, and more– and you can design the look on your own.  These shoes are a little pricey, but it’s worth paying more for a great shoe that’s custom designed to the colors and patterns you like.  Converse also has a custom-designed shoe, and they offer some truly wild styles you can design yourself.

For more tips for your closet or your business, check out Debbie Wright’s website at projectcloset.com.

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