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Flo Rida Talks New Album, Charity Work & More With Damon Scott

Flo Rida has had a busy year, with his new album on the way this Fall, his continued focus on fitness, and lots of charity work.  He caught up with Damon Scott to go over everything he’s got coming up.

“It’s definitely been a phenomenal year,” Flo Rida told Damon when he stopped by 96.5 TIC.  “We’re definitely doing a lot of time and hard work. I’m always trying to have as much energy as possible to tell you guys [fans] I really love you and appreciate everything.”

The rapper’s latest single, “Can’t Believe It” features Pitbull, and both the song and its video are tearing up the charts right now.  Flo Rida will follow that up with a new album coming out in late October. “It’s called ‘Perfect Ten,'” he said.  “I’ve been in the studio for the past seven months in and out, making the best music possible.”

On top of his music, Flo Rida is still very involved in physical fitness, and he has even opened his own gym in Miami.  “Shout out to the muscle farm, Flo Fit, my new gym down in Miami,” he said, before adding jokingly.  “We’ll play that ‘Can’t Believe It’ while you’re working out.”

While Flo Rida is a self-made man, both artistically and physically, he did admit he had a shotcut of sorts to his great physique.  “My Dad is pretty big, so I think some of it is genetics, but I definitely work hard,” he said. “I remember from Ninth Grade on, I have been lifting weights… Nobody’s gonna punk me!”

What many fans may not know is Flo Rida’s focus on charity as well as music and fitness.  He explained his latest kid-centric projects that are always keeping him busy, but leaving him feeling satisfied he’s doing his part to make the world a better place.  “I don’t take it for granted, the fact that I’ve been blessed to be in this situation,” he explained.  “I have my charity, Big Dreams for Kids– the kids are getting ready to go back to school so I’m getting them all geared up for that, as well as my league, the Florida Youth Football League. I’m always out there when I’m home, supporting the kids.”

Helping kids in need is the most rewarding part of all Flo Rida’s many projects, and he loves being there for the children… and their parents.  “The parents come up to me crying [and say] ‘Thank you for being here for the kids,'” he recalled.  “It’s one thing if you just fund that charity backbone, but when you’re actually showing up they know your heart is in it. It does something to you.”

–Bill Sencio, 96.5 TIC/ Hartford

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