Sam Hatch’s DVD Picks For The Week: Trance, Twixt & More

It’s the movie freak and the movie geek– Find out what to buy, what to rent and what to AVOID AT ALL COSTS as Damon talks to local movie reviewer extraordinaire, Sam Hatch from Culture Dogs about this week’s new DVD and Blu Ray releases!

This week doesn’t have many blockbusters hitting shelves for home viewing, but there’s some really cool stuff that’s worth checking out.  Get all the details right here…


From the guy who did Slumdog Millionaire, this one stars James McAvoy as a guy who steals an expensive Goya painting, then gets amnesia and can’t remember where he put it.  This is one of those “love it or hate it” movies, and it’s a lot like Leonardo DiCaprio’s Inception— so if you didn’t like that movie you may want to avoid this one.


Francis Ford Coppola has been gone for a while, but he came back with this little horror movie (nope– it’s not about the candy bar).  It’s about a writer who shows up on a book tour in this small town and gets embroiled in a murder mystery.  It stars Val Kilmer, Bruce Dern and Elle Fanning.

Ginger & Rosa

Speaking of Elle Fanning, she’s also in this movie!  It’s about two girls’ coming of age story in London in the 1960s.  It’s a solid story told against the backdrop of the Cuban Missile Crisis.


Here’s a quirky comedy about a guy who discovers he has over 500 kids, because he’s been donating sperm to a fertility clinic.  There’s a big Hollywood remake coming this year called Delivery Man with Vince Vaughn, but it was based on this more low key original movie.

House Party 5: Tonight’s The Night

This is the coolest release of the week– Kid and Play are indeed still around, and they’re back at it.  Apparently, you can still go to a House Party when you’re 50… you just may need a walker to get up the stairs.

Sam Hatch

Check out one of these releases this week… or if you’re in the mood to hit the movie theater, go see Pacific Rim (out now) or The Conjuring (out Friday)… both those flicks are a GREAT TIME!!  For more from Sam Hatch, check out!

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