The Date Doctor Talks Co-Parenting With Your Ex

If you’re looking for love, then listen up– Jaimy Blazynski, the Date Doctor is here!

Sometimes, life just doesn’t work out, and today the Date Doctor is here with tips on co-parenting with an ex.  Even if you don’t have an ex, keep these tips in mind if you ever find yourself in that situation.

1. How to handle an ex you don’t think is being a good parent:

Unless they’re abusing your kid or putting them in direct risk, you need to just deal with it.  A lot of us have grown up with less than perfect parents, and most of us turn out okay.  If you confront your ex, it usually ends up in a big fight, and they’re not going to listen to you anyway.  is it worth going through that aggravation?  You can’t change your ex; that’s probably why they’re your ex.

2. You don’t like who your ex is dating:

If you don’t like who your ex is married to or dating or in a relationship with, you need to let that go.  Find a support person to talk to about the situation if you feel they are trying to replace your role as a parent, talk to friends and family, and don’t talk to your kids about it.  You cannot control who your ex dates, and it’s not uncommon that they would date someone that’s the opposite of you– they might be looking for something different.  If your kids get along with them, don’t let your kids be part of your negative feelings.  if they’re happy, it doesn’t matter how bad the exes are in a relationship.

3. Don’t compete:

Try really hard not to compete against whoever your ex is dating. You will always be the biological parent, and your child is going to know that and appreciate you.  Kids go through different phases of bonding with a new relationship– just roll with it.

4.  Don’t Focus on Your Ex’s Money:

This one is especially the case for a lot of guys– they don’t think their ex is correctly managing alimony or child support.  To the guys who complain about this, it is NOT your child support, it is your ex wife’s.  It’s her money, considered reimbursement and it was a decision made by the court.  If you want to fight that decision, by all means go ahead.  otherwise, just accept that it’s her money.  It’s not worth getting yourself upset about, because it’s not something you can really fix.

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