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Carolyn Phillips Talks Eco-Food Buzz Words

Fit-inista Carolyn Phillips– our on air personal trainer– is back with more tips to get you in shape and what you need to do to stay that way!

Eco-foods are all the rage right now, but some of the buzz words being used can be misleading in their attempt to “sell” you on them… Carolyn Phillips sets the record straight to help make you a more educated consumer.  Check it out!

1. Organic

Be careful because event if it says “Organic” on the front of the package, it doesn’t mean that it’s 100% organic.  It means there’s about 70% organic in there… so check the USDA label to see what the actual organic percentage is.

2. Local

Buying local decreases food miles, which lowers fossil fuels and energy use, which is a good thing.  According to the USDA, “Local” can mean anywhere from your backyard to 400 miles away, so you want to ask at your grocery store to see if they have more details.

3. Natural

Natural does not mean organic– according to the USDA, foods can only be labelled “natural” if they contain no artificial ingredients, no added color and is minimally processed.  However, animal products raised with artificial hormones can be called natural, and so can GMOs, so it can get kind of confusing.

4.  Free Range

The USDA says “free range” means free roaming… but it can be as little as 5 minutes a day.

5. No Trans Fats

When they say this on the label, be careful– as long as per serving size is .5 grams less in the serving, they can say it has no trans fats.  Always look to your list of ingredients, that will help prove or disprove all of these claims.

For more from Carolyn Phillips, check out FitBehavior.com, or for all things stretching, life, love and happiness, go to Carolyn’s blog at CarolynsMenuofLife.com

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