Sam Hatch’s Summer Movie Roundup

It’s the movie freak and the movie geek– Find out what to buy, what to rent and what to AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE as Damon talks to local movie reviewer extraordinaire, Sam Hatch from Culture Dogs about this week’s new movie releases!

It’s been a quiet couple of weeks on the home video front, so Sam and Damon decided to go BIG, with a look at some of the biggest blockbusters currently showing at the movies.  Here’s Sam’s advice on what flicks to check out, and which ones you should probably wait for cable on.

Monsters University

There’s stuff for the kids galore right now!  Monsters University is the latest from Pixar, a prequel to Monsters Inc.  It features Sully and Mike Wazowski, and they weren’t friends at the beginning, so it really goes into their friendship.

The Lone Ranger

It’s kind of like Pirates of the Caribbean, and it’s long– so get ready to spend two and a half hours watching it.  But Armie Hammer is really good and Johnny Depp’s Tonto steals the show.

Despicable Me 2

Really cute, and better than the first one.  The minions are the most adorable part of this solid sequel, and the villain finds a way to mutate the little yellow guys into purple, fuzzy monster minions, which doubles the minion action.

World War Z

This one’s interesting, because the advance word of mouth was how it was overblown, with a re-shot ending, and rumors it would be a box office disaster.  But guess what?  It’s a tense, enthralling story and a solid, well done movie… like Zero Dark Thirty with zombies.

White House Down

You should probably steer clear of this one.

This Is The End

This comedy stars all the Judd Apatow actors such as James Franco and Seth Rogen, all playing themselves as the world ends.  It’s pretty raunchy but hilarious.

The Heat

Also slightly raunchy– but also very funny– this one stars Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy and it’s getting great buzz.  It beat White House Down at the box office last weekend!

Check out one of these big screen releases and more from Sam Hatch– visit!


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