Check Out Damon’s Birthday Cake!

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After years at 96.5 TIC-FM, Damon has worked his way up from men...
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It’s Damon’s birthday, and Gina J made him a super special cake to celebrate!

Check out this bad boy– that’s coconut, son!!

As great as the cake was, I think my favorite part of this pic is Gina’s new look, complete with tan– the sombrero is just icing on the cake– er, wait– I guess the ICINING is the icing on the cake?  So what does that make the hat?

Too confusing… Anyway– feel free to leave your bday messages for Damon below, and maybe he’ll share his tasty cake with you*!

1372449259 picsay 1372449259 resized Check Out Damons Birthday Cake!

*probably not though, he already ate it all.

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