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Waterproofing Your Phone With Cellular Chloe

She’s a wizard when it comes to wireless– Cellular Chloe is here to share the latest and greatest wireless wonders!

It’s summer time, but just because you’re spending time at the beach or by the pool, it’s no reason not to bring your cell phone with you!  Chloe has some great ways to waterproof your phone, to make sure you can stay connected AND keep your phone dry!

There are a wide variety of Otterboxes, designed to store your phone safely in a waterproof environment… but you can use them for a lot more than phones!  These waterproof containers can be used for any gadgets, or even wallets and other essential accessories. While the containers are waterproof, they’re not sound proof, so you can still hear your phone ring when it’s safely stowed inside.  These cases start at around $25, and you can use them for anything.

On top of the Otterboxes, you can also get a waterproof case for your phone for around $80-100.  Chloe’s favorite is the Catalyst Survivor, by Griffin, which looks cool and doesn’t impede any of the phone’s functions.  Otterbox makes many series of phone cases as well, from the Armor Series, the Lifeproof Series… there’s even one time use protective skins called iOtties (or iCondoms, as Chloe calls them).  Some containers even include a silica gel inside, to dry out your phone in case it DOES get wet!

All these solutions are way better ideas than storing your phone in a ziploc bag– they start at around $20 and it’s absolutely worth the extra money to make sure your gadgets stay safe and dry.  Remember– even the most expensive Otterbox is WAY less money than having to replace your phone… pick one up now and you and your phone will be covered for the summer!  You can see even more waterproof products at Cellular Chloe’s website– Click Here.

Have a question for Chloe?  To ask your burning wireless questions or for more information, visit CellularChloe.com!

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