Damon (& Cory) Take On The Bonzai Pipelines At Six Flags New England

A rainy day at Six Flags New England… and a young man of questionable intelligence… amount to the thrilling introduction of the all-new Bonzai Pipelines!

Damon Scott and intrepid part timer Cory faced the challenge of the all-new Bonzai Pipelines at Six Flags New England.  Er, at least Cory did– Damon was too, uh, busy… filming the whole thing.  It’s not like he was afraid or anything… it’s just that someone had to capture it all on camera.  Yeah…

Anyway, in case you haven’t heard, the Bonzai Pipelines are the latest thrilling new attraction at Six Flags New England!  The Bonzai Pipelines is a 75-foot tall waterslide complex featuring not one, not two, but six outrageously fast and intense drop hatch looping body slides.  One moment you are standing, the next… the floor drops out from under you as you start racing at speeds of up to 45mph as you experience several twists and turns!

As you can see from the video, this one is for all you thrill junkies out there– Cory can barely keep it together, and even though you can’t see him– Damon was pretty shaken up video taping the whole thing!

The Bonzai Pipelines are open NOW at Six Flags New England… and they’re yet another great reason to go BIG… and go Six Flags New England this Summer!

courtesy Six Flags New England

courtesy Six Flags New England

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