Was Simon Cowell’s ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ Egging A Ratings Stunt?

On Saturday (June 8), something remarkable happened in Britain: Simon Cowell was egged on live television.

Britain’s Got Talent, perhaps best known for its discovery of unlikely talent Susan Boyle, aired its 7th season finale Saturday  to 11.1 million U.K. viewers. The audience got a little more than they expected when a woman, believed to be a former contestant on the show, got on stage during an operatic performance by a duo named Richard and Adam of “The Impossible Dream.”

The egg-throwing woman was a member of the orchestra playing behind them, but at the 1:47-minute mark in the video below, she stands up and can be seen walking towards the judges with a broad smile. She then proceeds to pelt show creator and judge Cowell with eggs.

The contestants continued performing, even as all the judges left the table to avoid the onslaught. The performance still generated a standing ovation from both the crowd and the judges.

The show hosts immediately offered apologies to the duo and said the prank was not part of the act, though many suspect it may have been a ratings-generating, water-cooler moment fabricated by the show’s production. Coincidentally, or not, hours prior to the attack, Cowell Tweeted that he did not like eggs.

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