Middlefield Ohio Shootout (WARNING: Graphic Video)

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Middlefield shootout
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A deadly shootout between two Middlefield, Ohio officers and an rifle wielding man was caught on the police cruiser’s dashboard camera. The shooting happened after 42-year-old James Gilkerson was pulled over for failing to stop at an intersection.

In the video from March 10, 2013, Gilkerson pulls over and steps out of his car to open fire with his AK-47. Police officers Erin Thomas and Brandon Savage shot back, wounding the suspect. That’s when, injured, the shooter yelled “Kill me! Kill me!”

Thomas was hit in the hand, but the uninjured officer was able to then kill the still-armed Gilkerson.

A report released by the prosecutor’s office stated Gilkerson had multiple loaded magazines, extra ammunition, ski masks, gloves, ammo cans, scoped .22 caliber rifle and instructional DVDs and books about gunfighting and explosives in his car.

You can see the VERY GRAPHIC video below, but it is not for the faint of heart!

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