Damon Gets The Details On Ringling Brothers’ “Built To Amaze” Circus!

Ashley Vargas from Ringling Brothers Circus called in to talk with Damon all about the new “Built To Amaze” show coming to Hartford this weekend. Get the inside scoop on this special event… AND find out what food elephants love more than peanuts– it’s EDU-tain-ment at it’s finest!!

“Built To Amaze” will be a fun event for the whole family, with a neat meta-take on the classic circus.  “The concept behind the show is the train just got into the city, and we’re trying to build a circus and we’re under construction,” Ashley explained.  “It ends up being a boys versus girls theme, of who can build the circus better.  It’s a friendly rivalry between boys and girls to see who’s gonna build the better show.”

When you call yourself “The Greatest Show On Earth,” you’d better deliver, and Ashley believes they do just that. “It’s awesome, I really think our show is incredible [with] constant energy and a lot of fun,” she told Damon, before jokingly adding  “They do a good job of keeping it up to speed with what’s popular, so the elephants to the Gangham dance.”

90 minutes before the show each day, visitors can tour the Ringling Brothers’ animal compound!  It’s a 30 minute tour, followed by the “Built To Amaze” all access free show, where the performers will mix and mingle with kids and families, to answer questions, take photos and more!

Damon had a question right away– he asked Ashley if she had ever met an elephant with a peanut allergy?  She was quick to note the peanut-pachyderm love connection is an urban myth! “That’s a huge misconception,” she said.  “They like peanuts– we took our elephants to Fenway Park last year and they kept throwing them peanuts, and they were like ‘This is cool but where’s my bread?’ Elephants LOVE bread– it’s their favorite treat.”

“Built To Amaze” is in Hartford now, with daily performances tonight and through Sunday May 12th. For tickets and more details, Click Here and visit their website!

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