Who The Hell Is Tana Lenn?

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Tana Lenn
gary craig profile dec 2014 Gary Craig
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This is the Tana Lenn mystery.

I was looking through a bunch of old 78’s I have at home when I came across 2 records, 4 sides recorded at a studio in New York. The artist’s name is Tana Lenn. I believe these “demos” were made with the cooperation of my late uncle Bob.

Anyway, I played the records and the woman’s voice is amazing. But there is NO information on her anywhere! I called the studio, which oddly enough is still in business, but they have no idea who she might have been. They dated the record at around the mid 40’s based on the fact that records changed speed shortly after that. Maybe somebody out there could supply a clue!  Anyway, here she is.

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