Andy Grammer: 20 Things You Didn’t Know…

Everyone knows the smash hits Keep Your Head Up and Fine By Me, but who is Andy Grammer?  Andy is also truly one of the nicest and most grateful stars ever.  Check out 20 things you probably didn’t know about the next star to hit the Acoustic Cafe on April 8th!

1. Andy Grammer was born on December 3, 1983 in Los Angeles.  Although he lives there now, Andy grew-up in Chester, NY and graduated from Monroe-Woodbury High School.  In 2007, he graduated from Cal State University in Northridge.

2. Any sports for Andy Grammer?  He can shoot some hoops!  Andy played varsity basketball in high school and he says he even wore the letter jacket!  I wonder if he still has it?  I bet he could auction that off for some good coin!

3. Before making it as a singer/songwriter, Andy  had several unique jobs:  he used to work as a valet, he worked at McDonalds, and he was a street performer.

4, Andy wrote Keep Your Head Up after a day of performing in Santa Monica on the Third Street Promenade and not selling any CD’s.  He told himself to keep his head up and thankfully he did because we got a great single!

5. In the Spring of 2011, Andy went on tour with the Plain White T’s for the second leg of their “Wonders of the Younger” tour.  Andy has also toured with Natasha Bedingfield and Colbie Caillat.

6. I asked Andy if he could walk into a studio with any female artist to do a duet with or collaborate with, who would it be?  His answer, the great Lauryn Hill.

But this is pretty cool too, Andy was in Nashville and Taylor Swift was performing.  She invited Andy to come to the show and sing Keep Your Head Up and they did an awesome duet!

7. What food does Andy like to eat when he’s on the road?  He loves anything from Whole Foods.  Guess that’s how he stays in such good shape.  No late night Waffle House trips I guess!

8. When Andy Grammer sound-checks before doors open to the public, one of his favorite covers to warm-up with is Maroon 5’s Sunday Morning.

9. When you spend a lot of time on the road and in hotels, the TV becomes your friend to help pass time.  Scott McKenzie asked Andy, “What one TV show or movie that you’ve seen over and over will stop you in your tracks and you will watch it again?”  His response? Shanghai Noon, starring Owen Wilson and Jackie Chan.

10. From performing on the street to having a huge hit-single on the Billboard charts, Andy Grammer is still humble.  When asked if he’d rather win a Grammy or a Nobel Peace Prize, he said he’ll take the Nobel Peace Prize.

11. Our question: “What city, when you tour, are you excited to get to because it’s the only place you can get a good ____?”

Andy’s answer is: New Orleans, so he can get a seafood po boy!

12. Andy’s Dad, Red Grammer, is a Grammy-nominated children’s performer.  I asked Andy what his favorite kids song was, since his Dad was in the biz, and he said Barnyard Boogie was his favorite tune and it’s one of his dad’s songs!

13. To pass the time on the road, Andy and his bandmates listen to albums that mean a lot to each of them.  And when they’re out to dinner, they build sugar-packet houses to kill time.

14. Andy is always willing to take a moment to sign autographs for fans, but when asked “What item do you have that’s autographed from a celebrity that you’ve kept over the years?”  his reply is “nothing.”  Seems he’s not really into nostalgia.

15. Not a lot of time to snowboard when you’re a rock star, but one of Andy’s favorite things to do in his free time is strap on the board and hit the slopes.

16. He plays the guitar and he plays the piano, but what was the very first instrument Andy learned to play as a child?  The trumpet!  And how does he make that noise with his mouth, that “mouth-trumpet” kind of thing?  He says,  “lots of practice in the car!”

17. If you ever get the chance to have lunch or dinner with Andy Grammer, suggest Italian, because his favorite food is pizza!

18. Andy’s interactive video for Keep Your Head Up won an MTV O Award. The video  features The Office star Rainn Wilson.  How did the two hook-up for the video? Andy met Wilson through a former roommate. Andy says,  “He’s such a gracious, amazing guy. He gave me tips on how to look in the camera. The video has gotten so much more exposure because of him coming and hanging out.”

19. Billboard Magazine and the New York Post named Andy Grammer as one of the 10 artists to watch in 2011.

20. This is where it all started for Andy, on the Third Street Promenade.  This song tells his story, performing on the streets.  What’s next for Andy?  Only time will tell, but after listening to his entire CD, we have a feeling we’re going to be hearing a lot from Andy Grammer!

Andy Grammer will be performing an exclusive Acoustic Cafe on April 8th at the Russian Lady in Hartford! Keep listening to 96.5 TIC to find out how you can win tickets to his show!!

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