Hey Moms, You’re 100% Perfect!

You know how hard it is to be a mom. We’re always questioning our parenting skills… mainly because this mom-thing doesn’t come with a handbook.   We are  learning and growing with our kids.  There are days when I wonder if I’m doing right by my boys… if I’m too hard on them, if I am there for them enough.

Well, it’s time for us to  stop being so hard on ourselves. According to a survey of 1,000 kids… 100% of mothers are PERFECT. That’s right– EVERY kid thinks their mom is perfect.  And the #1 thing kids like about their mom is their cuddling ability.

The the rest of the top 5 is: Making you feel better when you’re sick, making you laugh, baking, and telling stories. I love this study because it really shows how our children see us. We empathize with them. we hold them, we cuddle, we CARE. It’s important for us to NOT PUT OURSELVES DOWN IN FRONT OF THEM because we are just amazing in every way to them. I’ve made self-depreciating remarks in front of my boys and they always look puzzled and say things like… “But mommy you look beautiful” or “The house looks so nice…” or “I love your outfit”… they just love US, and they instinctively GET it. It’s called unconditional love. What a concept!

Remember that the next time a door slams  followed by “I can’t stand living in  this house”… it’s ONLY  a phase.  Give your tantrum throwing kid a hug and say, “Let’s talk when you calm down.” What they’ll always take with them is that you’re the best mom ever.  I’m 41 and despite my teenage drama, I still think– wait KNOW– my mom is PERFECT… because she IS.  So let yourself off the hook mommies… YOU’RE PERFECT in the eyes of those who matter most.

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