Adam Levine Talks GRAMMY Seat-Stealing Crasher

Adam Levine is not a man known to mince words. We’ve witnessed his sharp tongue at work on The Voice and he put it on display once again while sitting down with Fresh 102.7/New York to discuss “Seatgate” at the 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards.

In case you missed it “Seatgate” was the hot-headed conflict between Adam Levine, GRAMMY officials and a crasher who weaseled his way into a prime seat at this year’s awards show. As the show started, Levine and his date for the night (his mother, Patsy Levine) were without their assigned seats because they’d been crashed by an uninvited GRAMMY guest — the same man who would later sneak on stage and get ushered off by Jennifer Lopez when Adele won her GRAMMY.

With Taylor Swift taking the stage to open the show, Levine needed a place to put his rear.

“(Blake) Shelton had front row seats so I just sat in his lap,” Levine said. “And then I just kinda sat on the floor cross-legged for the first, ya know, 15-20 minutes of the GRAMMYs.”

Levine and his mother eventually returned to their seats and the prankster was removed from the premises, but Levine had some harsh words for the offender.

“To that prankster that did that did that, f*** you man. Seriously, I’m with my mother at the GRAMMYs and you had to get your rocks off by coming to the GRAMMYs and refusing to get out of the seat.”

-Simon Conway, Fresh 102.7/New York


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