Ryan Cabrera Explains Tattoo Roulette & His Upcoming Album

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(Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images)

(Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images)

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Damon and Gina met up with Ryan Cabrera backstage at the 55th annual Grammy Awards.  The singer-songwriter explained the exciting game of Tattoo Roulette… and showed us all the new art he now sports.   He also filled us in on his upcoming album, and his Live from the Living Room series.

Ryan Cabrera has a lot more tattoos since his last interview with us– a result of what he calls Tattoo Roulette.

“The choices are whatever is on the wall, and it can’t be religious and it can’t be tribal.  That’s the only two rules,” Ryan explained. “We played Tattoo Roulette twice now and I have a unicorn on this side [of my leg], and Ryan Gosling on this side.”

The singer assured us that both times he played he was sober, but that didn’t mean he was always happy with the end result… “I really don’t have a choice,” he said. “It’s roulette… you don’t know what you will get until after. Do you think I want a unicorn and Ryan Gosling on my leg? I got a Care Bear too…”

The permanent reminder of the price of playing is not stopping Ryan anytime soon however.  “Lance Bass agreed to play yesterday,” he joked. “He’s gonna play Tattoo Roulette with me.”

Ryan Cabrera is working on his fourth album, which he describes as a “grassroots acoustic, organic, and a fun record”– not unlike his popular “Live from the Living Room” series.

“We have artists come perform from my living room, and we stream them live.  The money goes to charity, it is awesome,” he explained.   The monthly show has already featured Gavin DeGraw, Blake Lewis, Josh Kelly, and Mark Ballas.

Ryan noted that while his dream performer would be Paul Simon, some surprising names have already stepped into his living room.

“Last week my buddy was with John Stamos and he said ‘Stamos wants to come jam,’ I was like, ‘tell him to come!’ Uncle Jesse can stop by anytime.”

Check out the interview here:

–Tyler Roman, 96.5 TIC/ Hartford

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