Trash Talk Helps Reach 1st Fundraising Goal

A few days ago I put out a plea to TIC listeners & Facebook friends asking for support with a fundraising effort benefitting a personal friend of mine, Rob Brenner, who’s in the hospital with a brain tumor. ( You can read his story here in my original post.  ) Immediately, 96.5 TIC listeners and Facebook friends answered the call. People like, Elaine Zimmermann, who wrote, “This is a part of my pay-it-forward for 2013. To help another person is the least I can do.”  Nancy Perretta picked up the post on Twitter, “Wish I could have done more, but Rob’s in my prayers.”

Well, guess who ALSO responded right away?  96.5 TIC listener, Dave Greenspoon….a Facebook ‘friend’ I’ve never met.  Now, he likes to take jabs at me every now and then on my FB page, and they’re not bad… a little amateurish… but hey, we can’t ALL be fabulously witty.  Ahem.  Anyway, Dave and his lovely wife, Jen know when it’s time to joke and when it’s time to get serious…

original reax

Fast forward a couple of days, and the fundraiser is getting close to hitting its 1st goal of 15K…I thought, “Hey, it’s payday…I can make another small donation in honor of my kids, Xander & Ian.”  Well, I guess Dave took that as me being a show-off…GREEN KEEP UP AFTER KIDS 1

Wait, what did he just do???

one up turtle

As always… he had a reply….

Green deer loiterIn the end the goal was met because of people like Dave & Jen Greenspoon, who gave without question to someone they don’t even know.  The goal was met because people still care about people. It was met by Rob’s friends, and friends of friends, by people he knows and by people he’ll never, ever meet. Humankind is still exactly that…”human” and “kind” and it’s proven every day in the little things we do for others that end up making a huge difference. And if we can do a few kind things for each other while keeping our sense of humor, then I think our kids will grow up in a better world.

Update: You can still contribute to the Rob Brenner fundraiser….a new goal of 25K has been set to help the family with their massive medical bills.  Rob has been moved to a NY hospital and just underwent his 5th surgery in less than 2 months. Click here for more information….and thank you for being part of this amazing pay-it-forward effort. 

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